Florida Impact Trip

Jun 17 2023 - Jun 24 2023
Tampa, Florida

Trip at a glance

Cornwall has been invited to serve Church of God missionaries and their families at the Church of God Conference in Tampa, Florida. We will be providing a children's team and a hospitality team. We will pour into the missionaries and their children, as they travel from all around the world to meet for this conference. 

What will we do when we get there? 

Our hope is to come alongside the missionaries and their families through support and care. 
Some of these ways include: 

  • Playing with and pouring into the missionary kids while the parents are in their meetings. 
    • Feeling out of place is universal for missionary kids. There is tension between fitting in in their host country, and when they come back to the states for visits. They are constantly meeting new people and often are just looking for someone to try and understand them. Missionary kids are resilient, incredibly adaptable, wild at times and just looking for someone to love them! 
  • Building relationships with the families during lunch, dinner and any free-time/breaks in-between. (Enhancing our partnership) 
    • During our time, we will have opportunity to get to know these missionary families better. Being a listening ear, asking curious questions about them, are just some of the simple ways we get to demonstrate our care and love. 
  • During their day-time meetings, preparing & making sure snacks & drinks are available throughout the day & helping Global Strategy staff. (Hospitality/serving) 
    • These families serve consistently in a cross-cultural setting and more times then not, don't always have people serving them back. Cornwall takes seriously Galatians 6:10 and are always so thrilled to be able to serve our brothers and sisters who have left behind familiarity to serve others in different countries. We get to do this by little gestures such as taking care of the little details, preparing, stocking snacks and drinks during their meetings, and anything else they may need so they don't have to worry about anything. :Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." -Gal 6:10 

This Impact trip has a big emphasis on relationships! 

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1st Payment Due 5/13/2023


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