High School Impact Trip to Costa Rica (Skagit Campus)

Aug 8 2023 - Aug 16 2023
San Jose, CR

Why Costa Rica? 
Cornwall Church has a history with trusted Church of God missionaries, Abby and Jason Torgeson, that live in San Jose, Costa Rica. Impact Teams that travel to Costa Rica are not only a part of the team they travel down with, but have the opportunity to build upon the relationship that has been built by teams that have come before. While this is a short-term mission trip for the team traveling down in August, we have the opportunity to be a part of a long-term partnership!

Trip at a glance:
Encounter students from both Skagit and Bellingham campuses are partnering together and are headed to San Jose, Costa Rica! In San Jose we have the opportunity to partner with and learn from local missionaries, pastors, and youth leaders.

We are going to Costa Rica to experience what God is doing with and through His church in San Jose. We are serious about serving, which means we show up with a posture of seeing God at work and partnering with our brothers and sisters in Christ in whatever way they see fit. For this trip, we will be helping local pastors run a youth convention. We are not bringing God to Costa Rica, but participating in what God is already doing through our ministry partners. 

Removing ourselves from the daily rhythms and context we are accustomed to allows for a sense of newness and openness to what God is doing right before our eyes. Students will be invited to step into serving alongside fellow Christ-followers and to reflect on the ways they see God at work. 

We are excited for the impact this trip will have on those we are able to be with in Costa Rica and on our communities in Skagit and Bellingham as we are shaped by the experience. 

6 going


Zach Larsen
(360) 733-2150



$100.00 Deposit Due 4/30/2023
$700.00 Payment #1 Due 6/12/2023
$600.00 Payment #2 Due 7/3/2023
$600.00 Payment #3 Due 7/24/2023


Impact Trip Application Required


Impact Trip Financial Agreement Required

Due 5/7/2023


Minor Permission to Travel Required

Due 7/31/2023

Fill out this form and give it to Zach. Paper copy or digital.


Minor Medical Treatment Required

Due 7/31/2023

Fill out this form and give to Zach. Paper or digital copy.


Unaccompanied Minor Required

Due 7/31/2023

Fill this out and give to Zach. You will need a notary.




  1. Valid Passport
  2. Financial Agreement Form


  1. Students exiting grades 9-12
  2. Application


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