How Esperanza has changed my life.

This will be my third woman’s retreat and the 5th time going up to Esperanza in the past three years. You could say that Esperanza has captured my heart. The woman’s retreat is dear to me because it gives me an opportunity to meet and serve the woman of the cost at Esperanza. You see three years ago when I came up to my first woman’s retreat I was a new Christian who didn’t know who I was in Christ. The woman’s retreat helped me figure that out. I was able to find my identity in Christ by not having to let go of who I am. The theme for the first Esperanza woman’s retreat I went on was about finding your song and I did just that. I have been baptized up there as well and have made some amazing connections with the staff and the woman of the coast. This serve helps you connect closer with Christ and gives you an opportunity to grow. It may stretch you but in the end it will be worth it. To be able to help another person and to love on them is the best blessing anyone can ask for. This is just a little bit of my story about the woman’s retreat at Esperanza and the impact the retreat and this place has had on me.

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