My journey with Haiti

The story God is writing for me in Haiti, I believe, is just at the beginning. He began His work quite awhile ago. The first time I heard His call, till the first time He brought me to Haiti took about 4 years. Through this I discovered the power of God's perfect timing, when He was teaching me what following Him was really about. He grounded my faith and gave me a firm foundation in Him.
It was the summer before my senior year when I felt that God was calling me to go on a missions trip. That day, I began to research about missions trips. I stumbled upon Cornwall's partnership with Bread of Life Ministries in Haiti. I'm going to be completely honest, I had absolutely no idea where Haiti even was, or anything much about it for that matter. After I saw that it was at a children's home, I was instantly sold. However, I began to rethink everything. I decided that there was no way that I knew enough about the Bible or had any ability to go on a trip like that. I tried to push it to the back of my mind and forget about the call, which I was only able to do for a while. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness, because he faithfully pursued my heart . The Lord did this in many ways, and showed me that I was acting like Jonah and running from Him. What He had for me. By that time I decided to stop running. It was spring of my senior year. I decided to trust God and answer His call, so I talked with my mom that very evening. Explaining to her that I wanted to go to Haiti (still not really knowing anything about Haiti). She answered that was probably not a great place to go, especially "Not for my first missions trip." In that moment I was honestly so relieved, and took my mom's answer that a missions trip was actually not what I was called to do. Though, I learned otherwise the very next day, as who walks in to my mom's work telling her that he was moving to Esperanza and taking a team from Cornwall with him, with one spot left on the team? Our old Neighbor Matt Randle. There is so much more about how God encouraged me to go on that trip, but that could be a whole story in itself. Long story short... God's timing is perfect, Haiti was a not yet, and the adventure of God grounding my faith in Him and teaching me to be a disciple began on that trip. A few years later I was sitting in church, and up on stage to be commissioned came the next team heading to Haiti. I sat there remembering when God had called me, and felt him telling me that "now is the time" I was also hit with an overwhelming peace, and from then on whenever I heard the word "Haiti" the word "Home" went with it. I sent an email, and after awhile I was at my first Haiti team meeting. Then before I even knew it I was in Haiti, I did not know why God had me there, but that I would soon discover the reason for it.
It was Sunday morning only a few days into our trip, the team and I were sitting in the cabana at the children's home joining them for church. As the children began to stand up and sing I lost it, and the tears came streaming down face throughout the whole church service, because in that moment God revealed to me that these children were part of the purpose He created me for. During that first song, one of the little girls from the home who I had really connected with during the earlier days of our trip came over to me grabbed my hand and stayed right with me till church was over. At the end of that church everyone was filled with such joy, hugs were all around. Though this little girl brought me out of the cabana and around the corner to a set of stairs, she wiped up all the dirt and motioned for me to sit. She climbed up took my hand and just sat there with me away from everyone. After a minute or two she looked up at me and said "Ou lakay." I was sure I knew exactly what she was saying even though I did not speak her language. So when I got home from that trip I goggled those words, to discover their meaning which if I translated them right, "Your home" is what she said to me.
Since that very first trip to Haiti I have gotten to go once more, and I have oh so many stories of the work I have got to see God do. I do not know what God has planned for me in Haiti, but I do know He still has more for me there. As He has given me the opportunity to be one of the leaders on the upcoming trip this fall. Whether or not He has more ways to use me there after that I am not sure. Though I will keep trusting and praying He will lead me where he wants me, and that I will have the courage to follow.

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