New Beginnings!!!

The plans our Lord has for us before we even know them our self is amazing. As I sit down to write my story I had to come up with a title. So the title new beginnings came to me. At the time I typed the title in I was not sure why I picked that title. All I knew is I wanted to write about what this trip would mean to me going to Haiti for the first time and leaving the comforts of my home to be stretched in a way I couldn't imagine. To obey my Lord with taking the necessary steps he planted in my heart. You see I have wanted to go to Haiti ever since 2016 when I heard the first call for volunteers to go to Haiti. I also knew that it wasn't in the cards for me right away. So I went on local mission trips and mission trips to Esperanza on Vancouver island. This year I went to Haiti revisited for the team that went in March. During that trip there was a young man who came to the orphanage and I wanted to sponsor him. He ended up with a different sponsor but I was able to sponsor his brother. His name is Ernane Renerley. During that revisited My Lord told me this October I will be going to Haiti. So now the time has come for me to go to Haiti and to meet my sponsor child. So here is the topper, as I was writing this I needed to look up my sponsor child's name and found out the school he attends is New Beginnings!!! Coincidence!! I think not. Our Lord is in this for sure. Please pray for our team, bread of life, the children and for new beginnings.

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