If Not Me, Then Who

One night after dinner at the YWAM base, the team decided to pray for the YWAM staff. They came into the eating area and pairs of team members came alongside each staff member and prayed for them. At one point Ryan and I prayed for one of the Hatian staff named Wadner Felix. He seem appreciative and then surprised me by asking if he could pray for me. I thought for a moment, and then explained that I had shoulder surgery scheduled when I returned to the US. Wadner began to pray. I don't remember every thought but I do remember the following:
Jesus, make Your healing blood be Jim's blood.
Make the strength of Your bones be his strength.
May your spirit lift, encourage, and comfort Jim.
Somehow these prayers touched me like nothing else recently. I felt the sincerity in his call for the Lord of Lords to work on my behalf. The richness and the depth of his request gave me a great love and respect for him.
May God bless and strengthen Wadner's influence influence in all his ministry opportunities.

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