Ethiopia missions trip.

Hello Friends and Family!

Tenley and I are going to Ethiopia this October for a missions trip, we have decided it is the right time for us to go. We have been wanting to go for years, but there was always something that interfered with us being able to go. There are 15 of us going, 5 of whom are teens and kids! It will be a busy, fun and amazing trip, I'm sure! We will be visiting all of the teams favorite places in Addis Ababa: Kebebe Tsehai and Kechene government orphanages, Adera daycare and feeding programs, and home visit with the team members compassion sponsored children and there families. We are so excited!

We want to ask for prayer, and also financial support for Tenley and I. The total amount we are trying to raise is: $4200. We are stepping out in faith and knowing that God can provide this amount, as well as finances for the rest of our team! Please consider helping in any way you can, we will also be asking for donations (formula, diapers, vitamins, etc.) a little closer to the trip. We are going with Cornwall Church and all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Tony and Tenley.

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