Romania Mission Trip 2019

July 2, 2019

Dear Family members and friends,

I would like to inform you about how I currently doing as of right now. I recently started a new job back in January and have been enjoying every bit of it. I've moved up in the company really quickly and can only thank my parents, family member, and God for this small new chapter in my life. Although I just got a new job, I’m not stopping there to continue my growth. Back in January, I decided that I didn’t want to keep this job for long. Although it was a good change into my daily work life and it came with great opportunities I new that I couldn’t stay comfortable with my life. I applied to join the apprenticeship for the union to become an electrician. I took the test back in April and passed! I have my interview in July and cannot be more excited to start a career that I know I will enjoy every moment of! I am sending you this letter because you have impacted my life in a small or big way and I would like to thank you for that. Because of your role in my life, I would like to share a great opportunity that I believe God is leading me to. This opportunity is to serve people in Romania on a short term mission trip. That’s why I’m writing, I would love for you to be a prayer and financial partner in this mission with me.

For the past few weeks and months I have been thinking and praying about going on a mission trip to Romania with a Church that I attend too. I believe that this is a new step that God is asking me to make. I am excited for all that I will learn in the months leading up to the trip, during the trip and after I return home. I believe God is going to “do a good work in me” as a result of this incredible opportunity.

My team from Cornwall church will spend most of our time focused on helping Bethany’s Church. Above all, we are devoted to serving the local people and developing relationships with them! This was Christ’s model for evangelism and we are excited to be part of the Great Commision in Romania. Additionally, our team will be helping the other churches connected to Bethany’s Church that they have planted in the villages.

I am very excited to be a part of this team! As I prepare for the trip, I need your prayers for safety and God to work in and through me, and I want to humbly ask you to consider supporting me financially. The cost of the trip is $2500. Any amount would be great, but if you would be willing to contribute $20, $50, $100 or more, it would really help me reach my goal!

Please prayerfully consider how you would be willing to support me during this trip - either through prayer, financial support or both. All donations are to be made payable to Cornwall Church. Funds will be used for airfare, lodging, transportation, projects and other expenses related to our team’s trip.

Thank you for partnering with me and supporting me as I prepare for this adventure! I look forward to letting you know how the trip impacted my life when I return!

Jaxson Soto

Please make checks payable to Cornwall Church and include my name and the trip destination and dates, “Romania July 30 - August 10”. Mail your payment to Cornwall Church, 4518 Northwest Drive, Bellingham WA 98226 using the enclosed envelope.

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