Ethiopia Impact Trip

Oct 10 2019 - Oct 19 2019
Addis, ET

 This is a trip where you will serve, love, come alongside and encourage people and ministries! You will be stretched to go outside your comfort zone, overcome barriers, and make connections with widows and orphans who desperately need to know they are loved by God- through human words and hands. 

Ministries we will serve alongside

  • Adera Daycare: This organization (based in Texas) supports families in the Korah garbage dump community (thousands of people live in and around the dump) by providing safe daycare along with education/food/clothing/health care for the kids, and jobs for their mothers, who would otherwise be digging through the dump looking for food for themselves and their children.
  • Adera Feeding Program: Adera also provides free lunch daily for hundreds of kids who live in Korah, and attend a local elementary school. These kids would otherwise have no lunch, and this is often their only meal of the day.
  • Kebebe Tsehai Government Orphanage: This is a government funded orphanage for about 170 kids age 0-7 in Addis. It is understaffed and underfunded. These kids have a lot of energy, and are in need of love!
  • Fistula Hospital and farm: We will visit the hospital started by an American Obstetrician to repair this condition common in rural child birth. (For more information, watch “A Walk to Beautiful” on Netflix) We will also see the farm where “repaired” women live and work while they rehabilitate emotionally and physically.


Few other details: We will have a translator, a driver, and will always be WITH an Ethiopian guide. We will stay in a guest house, which serves breakfast. We eat at only “American approved” restaurants and drink only bottled water in an attempt to avoid illness. A few vaccines are required- we will look into current requirements, and obviously passports are required.  We will also arrange Compassion International sponsored child visits for any team members who have a sponsored child in or radon Addis, and visit the Gulele Child Development Center.


We’re so excited that you are considering this trip. You will be changed!


15 going


Janet Belleme
(360) 303-6433



$100.00 Trip deposit Due 6/17/2019
$1,000.00 1st payment Due 7/20/2019
$1,000.00 2nd payment Due 9/12/2019
$100.00 Final payment Due 9/30/2019



Team meetings TBD by team leaders Required


Impact Trip Application Required

To be approved for the trip, fill out the impact trip application and drop it off by the church office.
You can pick up the application up at Cornwall Church, or download the doc.


Background check Required

To be approved for the trip, fill out the background check and drop it off by the church office.
You can pick up the background check at Cornwall Church, or download the doc.




  1. If under 18, please contact Anna. [email protected]
  2. Background check
  3. Application
  4. Passport


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