Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Trip Wrap Up

Hi everyone, we wanted to share a final update from Scotland. Wednesday concluded our time in Royston and the rainy weather we were warned about, finally came.

We scored many days without rain but Wednesday it rained pretty solid all day. That meant hardly any kids turned out for the Holiday Club we were putting on. Instead, we spent time cleaning up the square there, so many broken bottles. We went into the government housing leaving Easter flyers behind and praying for the soul of the city.

And then we played fútbol ⚽️. Actually, going back a day to Tuesday, we ended our time with a proper soccer match. We started with about 12 kids and more and more kids came out of the housing and joined us. We ended with about 25 kids playing across 4 teams. It was a Win to get kids out of the housing and engaged with ReHope Church’s pastor to Royston, Alan.

So yesterday, we started another soccer game in the park and about 6 kids came out to join us which was great. Lots of fun was had and the game ended 14-11 when the downpour 🌧️ came.

From our time in Royston, some highlights have been 1) our kids playing with kids from our team and kids from the community, they did great 2) two boys named Jacob and Jackson really latched onto Kellen and Braylen. Their mom helps serve the church and hopes to visit Bellingham in the summer of 2024. Those boys soaked up all the attention they got from us and you can see it in the pictures in the link in this message. 3) we were impressed by the small church venue there, a little storefront but where addiction recovery groups meet and people are loved.

It will be interesting to process this trip and see its impact on us in the coming days and weeks. My hope was that our kids would see a different place and culture and indeed it has been eye opening for them.

We have appreciated your support and prayers! Thank you for that. Today is a flex day and we will go see a couple more places before traveling Friday and getting home Friday night.

We aren’t big posters on Facebook but would love to share more with you and show you more pictures if you’d like. It has been a great trip God brought our way.

If you want to text or email me at [email protected], feel free. Have a great day.

Jeff, Heather, Kellen, Braylen, & Brynnsley

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